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Ref:CSCL/HRD/CSA/09 ††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††Date:8th August 2013


All Parents/Guardians

We have come to the end of term two today 8th August 2013.Am happy to report that the term has gone on well.


Open Days

We successfully conducted open days for forms three and four this term and I believe the desired outcomes have largely been achieved.As earlier discussed please use the target grades as your tool of measuring your childís performance.


Choice of Subjects

The form twos are expected to drop some of the subjects they have been doing so as to have at least eight subjects.If you are in a position to offer some guidance you are encouraged to do so.The school will offer comprehensive guidance on the same.


Academic Performance

There are still a few students who are still not getting C+ and above as their average for the term.I wish to call upon the affected parents to work closely with us so that the child can meet the required threshold.



There are still a good number of students with worn out uniforms.As communicated earlier its necessary that your child has all required pieces of uniforms.This should include games kits and shoes.It is also absolutely necessary that you facilitate your child to have such uniforms labelled with his/her admission number.



This will be on 5th October 2013.Please be reminded that parents resolved that there will be only one visiting day in a term.


Mobile Phones

Itís against school rules for any student to come with a phone to school.I want to appeal to all of you more so form four parents to ensure that their sons/daughters do not bring phones into the school.


Set books and class readers

The form twos are expected to buy the following set books for their use.

1.      The river and the Source by Margaret Ogolla

2.      Damu Nyeusi, Mustahiki Meya

3.      Kidagaa kimemwozea


For the form ones itís recommended that each of them buys one class reader as per the titles provided.i)The Ministerís daughter(ii)A Prisonerís letter(iii) In Search of Gold


Those students who may not be having Revised Standard Bible are also expected to buy.


Holiday assignments

We have posted some holiday assignments for your child to handle during this break.An interactive platform has been incorporated to allow your child interact with other students on particular academic topics.Please enable your child to participate in this through www.reportboy.com.


School fees payments

All school fees and PTA dues should be cleared by 2nd September 2013.There will be no instalment payment of school fees in third term.

††††††††††† School account no. 110379493 KCB Kisumu

††††††††††† PTA account no. 1112196609 KCB Nandi Hills



The school reopens on 2nd September 2013 before 5pm.No student will be allowed into the school after 5pm.


Finally I wish you all a fruitful August with your child.